When To Contact A Roofing Company For Your Roof Replacement

Most of the people spend a lot of their money decorating and redecorating their houses, buying home decors and painting the walls but they forget about the roof over their heads. They don’t realize that the roof above their heads also needs some attention and care; it is not just the walls that need repairing. When the spring rainwater starts pouring from their roof, then they realize its time for roof repairing or replacement. This late realization can often lead to greater damage can cost you a lot. Therefore it is very necessary to keep a check on your roof and see if it needs a repair or replacement. This article will tell you about the roof replacement and repair of your roofing system.

But, before anything you should understand about few components of your roofing system which are-

  • Deck- this is the structured surface of the roof that is wooden.
  • Underlayment- it works as the barrier that is installed inside the shingles to keep the decks free from moisture and dry.
  • Drip edge- material that is attached to the edges of the roof through which the water glides off from the eaves.
  • Shingles- this is the outward layer of your roof, and it helps to protect the structure by repelling the water.
  • Roof Leads – roofing leads generated by professional roofers.
  • Soffit- the underside of the roof overhang.
  • Vents- it helps to keep the roof dry by venting out the air from the attic.
  • Fascia- this is the horizontally shaped board placed at the end of the roof’s rafter.
  • Flashing- this is the material that is used to fix the joints to seal and protect them, just like the place where the roof meets the chimney.

These were the few necessary things that you need to know about your roofing system. Roof replacement or repair of the roof before the damage is very important; you can contact a roofing company for this work. However, you might be wondering that how can we know that our roof wants to be taken care of as soon as possible. For this, you should look for a few signs that will tell you that your roof needs to be mended.

Signs that will tell that your roof requires a replacement-

  • The age of your roof: go through your records of home improvement and check when the roof of your home was last replaced or re-shingled. This will help you to find out how much life of your roof is left since a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts approximately for 20 years. Therefore, the shingles of your roof should be replaced or repaired after 20 years.
  • Curling or missing shingles: elements like rain, sun, wind, etc. may affect the components to wear down in the long run. Therefore if you find debris of shingles in your gutter system then understand that your roofing system needs replacement or repair. If your roof is damaged, then it becomes vulnerable to the elements like rain, sun, wind, etc. hence you need to take care.
  • If you notice damaged flashing: flashing is used to keep the moisture away from the joints of your roofing system. Flashing is made up of cement, metal or tar; it depends on the age and quality of the roof. Moreover, missing or damaged flashing is another alarming sign that your roof needs replacement.
  • Ice damming: if ice the ice dams starts to appear at the edge of your roof, that means your roof is likely to have ventilation issues. The heat coming through the attic melts the snow when the roof is not ventilated properly, the melted snow runs off the edge, and then the next wave of melted snow is too frozen by the ice dam, these way weird circles of ice starts hanging from your home. The extra pressure from the ice dam can pull apart the roofing material and due to this water will move into the inward layers and once it starts to soak your roof will take no time to start dripping.
  • Discolouration of walls and ceilings: you might have noticed weird water stains on your walls or ceiling, you might have heard dripping sounds, this all indicate that your roof has a leakage. You should check your attic’s insulation, and if you find it soggy, then it means that you need to replace your roofing system.
  • Unwanted houseplant: moss in the dark corner of your yards look fine, but if the same starts growing on your roof, then it is a serious problem for you. Moisture can ruin your roof, and growing moss is a signal that there is some moisture in your roof, and that means it is damaged.

So, these were few signs that will tell you that you need to repair or replace your roofing system. However, don’t assume that a new roof is needed for your house just because few of the shingles are damaged or because of a bit of a leak somewhere. If you find any such thing or have any doubt, you should contact a roofing contractor for roof replacement and can get the opinion of a professional. These professionals from the roofing company will come and check your roof and will tell you if roof replacement is needed or not. You can get any roofing service for your house. You can search on the internet, and you will get to know about various roofing companies. Compare their services and prices and read their reviews as well, once you are satisfied to contact them and fix an appointment. The roofing contractor will come to your house and check your roof; he will then tell you about all the problems and its solutions. This way, you can replace or repair your roof.

The article is about the different signs that tell your roof is damaged and how can you contact a roofing company for your help. It also illustrates how a roofing contractor can give you advice on how you should get your roof replaced or repair.