Orders of Protection

What happens when I successfully file for an order of protection?

An order of protection MAY:

  • Order the abuser to stay away from you and your children, including stalking and phone/online contact
  • Abuser cannot enter or remain at specified protected locations
  • Remove abuser from your shared home
  • Award temporary legal custody and temporarily stop child visitation
  • Grant you possession of personal property
  • Forbid abuser from taking, hiding, damaging, or selling any of your property
  • You cannot violate your order of protection, only the abuser can. You must carry  it at all times

Orders of protection do not guarantee your safety. You must take extra precautions to keep yourself safe.

Your Rights under Orders of Protection

  • Orders of Protection are filed at no cost to you.
  • Children can be protected as an additional person on your order of protection.
  • You must call the police immediately and file a police report if the abuser violates the order of protection.
  • You can make changes to your order of protection at any time.
  • You must attend all court cases to keep your order of protection active.

We encourage you to seek an order of protection as soon as possible after an abusive incident.

Turning Point legal advocates can help you fill out your order of protection at the McHenry County Government Center on 2200 N. Seminary Ave. in Woodstock, IL. A judge makes the final decision to grant or not to grant the order.

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