Learn More About TMS Therapy And Treatment For Major Depression

Depression is a disorder which causes you to feel sad, lose interest in the things around you, feel down all the time and face a lot of stress issues. These symptoms don’t seem to go away for a long period of time and affect our lives substantially. Depression can make your life miserable and you will lose interest in everything around you. You may think that there is no way out of this misery for you. However, there is a solution for everything these days. Depression can be cured by consulting a psychiatrist, taking medication and considering various other treatments but if you have a major depression problem then TMS therapy just may be the best option for you.

What is the TMS therapy and treatment procedure?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a medical procedure that uses magnetic energy and pulses in order to simulate the nerves cells and help improve the symptoms of major depression. TMS therapy and treatment is generally opted for only in major depression cases where other methods of treatment are not effective or have resulted in failure. It is a noninvasive procedure that targets and selects the key areas of the brain and results in majorly reducing the symptoms of depression and having a positive effect on the mind of the patient. It results in mood regulation in the person’s mind and is very effective in most of the cases.

How is the therapy done?

First of all, the patients are required to remove any objects which are affected by a magnet such as jewellery etc. They are asked to make use of earplugs in order to protect their hearing abilities as well as to make the whole procedure comfortable for them. An electromagnetic coil often called the TMS coil, is placed properly on the patient’s head. The patient’s motor threshold is determined and the treatment is personalized according to the patient’s requirement by changing the settings. Afterwards, the coil is brought forward and placed on the front side of the patient’s brain and the treatment begins from here on. The coil continuously uses magnetic pulses to stimulate the patient’s nerve cells and makes the inactive regions of the brain active. A typical TMS therapy will be around 30-40 minutes long but it keeps changing according to the situation.

Does TMS therapy really work?

The TMS therapy and treatment procedures are considered to be very effective in most of the cases. In fact, this option works very well even in the cases where the patients as well as the doctors have completely given up and have started to think there is no hope left. Most of the TMS patients have experienced full remission and have managed to completely get rid of the symptoms. However, you might need to return for subsequent rounds of the treatment procedure in case the symptoms seem to come back.

Along with the TMS therapy, you can adopt various other ways of curing depression as well in order to magnify the results and get over the problem in a better way. You can opt for eating healthy and choosing a good diet which can enhance your recovery and make the treatment even more effective. You can also adopt other healthy habits and make sure you have a healthy lifestyle. If you take the treatment very seriously and follow a healthy lifestyle along with it, the treatment will have the most effective results on you.

When Should TMS be considered?

TMS should only be considered when most the other treatments are not having a good effect on the patient’s condition. If other treatments have been a failure or have not been able to make a major impact on that patient’s mind, then TMS becomes the only option being left with the patient and the doctors in order to make the situation better. TMS seems to work even if most of the treatments have been ineffective. It is only used to cure major depression symptoms and not in the cases of mild depression. If you are someone who is suffering from mild depression, consult a psychiatrist and try to get over the situation with simple methods of treatment.

What are the diseases that can be cured with the help of TMS therapy?

Some of the diseases that can be cured by the TMS procedure and treatment are listed below.

  • Nicotine addiction
  • OCD and other anxiety disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • PTSD
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Migraine
  • Parkinson’s disease

Can TMS be considered for other disorders?

TMS may be able to cure neurological disorders and pain management problems if it evolves further. This is why TMS is being studied extensively by many people as it has a high potential for curing other disorders as well such as bipolar disorders and so on.

Why should you choose TMS over ECT?

There are more therapies to cure depression as well such as Electroconvulsive therapy which is also known as ECT. You may choose TMS over ECT due to the fact that in TMS you do not have to get any sedatives. The therapy is simple and requires no anesthesia or other sedatives to be used in order to let the therapy begin. However, ECT requires you to take anesthesia or such other sedatives which might affect your daily life and some people don’t prefer to take any sedatives. Taking sedatives not only affects your lives but also increases the side effects. TMS is also able to find the target areas and limit the therapy only to those areas which require it. Whereas ECT is not capable of doing this and as a result, the therapy is done on every part of the brain which may not be efficient.

TMS procedure and treatment is the best option for those depression patients who have tried all other treatments but have got nothing other than failure. It is also a very effective way with a huge amount of positive results. It is an intelligent and efficient therapy system that limits the therapy to certain areas and does not affect your daily life.